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Heavy-Ups in Arlington, VA

Are electrical problems leaving you in the dark? It could be something as small as a blender or hair dryer that causes your breaker to trip. If you have persistent electrical concerns, depend on Walsh Electric for panel changes and heavy-ups in Arlington, VA. After all, you need reliable and consistent power at your home or business.

Circuit breakers trip because they are overloaded. In other words, there is too much power being pulled through the circuit board. In order to protect wiring and electrical devices from overheating, the electrical circuit will trip or disconnect at the panel. This is an important safety feature in all electrical panels. However, it also indicates a problem.

Heavy-Ups Arlington, VA

When Do You Need Panel Changes?
Increase your electrical panel's load capacity so you can have enough power to run every electronic device in your home. You don't need to settle for yesteryear's electrical panel when we can improve yours. Even though older electrical circuit boards can handle a great deal of power, they are often unable to accommodate newer and more powerful electrical appliances. Based on the age of your home, your electrical panel may be overdue for an upgrade. You should consider panel changes if any one of the following applies:

 You live in an old or historic home.
 Lights flicker throughout your home.
 Circuit breakers trip regularly or intermittently.
 Your home has fuses instead of breakers.
 Your electric panel is warm to the touch.
 You do not have enough power outlets.
 You plan to add new major appliances.
 You plan to build a new home addition.

Panel Upgrades That Increase Your Power
Everybody wants more power. Electrical power! If you live in a home with an outdated panel, then you most likely have electrical problems. That's because older systems simply cannot accommodate the power needs of new electrical appliances and HVAC systems. By providing panel upgrades, as well as replacing old wires, we give your home an electrical makeover. Let us determine your needs to upgrade your home's electrical system.

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades for a Safe Home
Tripping breakers are more than a nuisance; they are dangerous for you and your home. Since faulty breakers indicate more serious problems, you can't afford to ignore them. Increase your power while ensuring the safety of your panel by trusting us for circuit breaker panel upgrades. If you notice your electrical panel is buzzing or you suspect it needs an upgrade, call us for a comprehensive inspection.

Contact us for an electrical inspection if your circuit breakers keep tripping. We proudly serve commercial and residential customers throughout Arlington, Virginia.